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Smart Home Reviews

Once a fable, the smart home is now attainable for many. Though, since all homes are different, there’s no one-size-fits-all method for finding the best smart home devices. Our reviews of the latest smart thermostats, smart speakers, and security systems will help you figure out what’s right for you. And as smart assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, grow in capability, we put them to task to see just how helpful they are.

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Yale Assure Lock 2 review: a promising all-rounder

For $160, this sleek smart lock supports Apple Home and Bluetooth and will auto-unlock for you when you arrive home. Yale’s Wi-Fi and Z-Wave modules add more smart home support for $80 each, but I’m waiting for the Matter module.

Jennifer Pattison TuohySep 24


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TP-Link’s latest smart light strip goes with everything

The Tapo L930 has gradient RGB and tunable white light, and works with Apple Home, Google, and Alexa for under $50

Jennifer Pattison TuohySep 17