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It might not get the same kind of press as Google and Apple, but Microsoft is still one of the biggest and most powerful tech companies operating today. It runs Azure, one of the biggest cloud computing services, and maintains Windows 11 and the whole Office suite of software. It also makes plenty of Surface hardware and has a whole slew of gaming products, including the Xbox Series X. But the company is ever expanding — building new hardware, acquiring new game studios, and making sure that even if Microsoft doesn't run your phone, it can touch plenty of the apps on it.

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Football claims another Microsoft Surface tablet

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey slammed his tablet into his desk after his team lost against the Dolphins

Emma RothSep 25
Tom WarrenSep 23
Has the Windows 11 2022 Update made your gaming PC stutter?

Nvidia GPU owners have been complaining of stuttering and poor frame rates with the latest Windows 11 update, but thankfully there’s a fix. Nvidia has identified an issue with its GeForce Experience overlay and the Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2). A fix is available in beta from Nvidia’s website.

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James VincentSep 15
Microsoft’s $75 billion Activision acquisition is getting the stink eye from regulators.

The Financial Times reports that EU and UK regulators are gearing up for an in-depth investigation of the deal, which some fear will harm competition in the gaming world. The worries can be summed up with a simple question: will Microsoft ever make CoD an Xbox-exclusive? (Microsoft says “no” but Sony is suspicious.)

Tom WarrenSep 14
Yo dawg, Microsoft heard you like widgets.

So it put some widgets in your widgets so you can see weather while you check your stocks and widget around. (Microsoft is testing a fullscreen widgets board for Windows 11).

Look at all those widgets!
Look at all those widgets!
Image: Microsoft
Tom WarrenSep 14
A PlayStation exclusive is heading to Xbox.

Deathloop on Xbox ads have started appearing on consoles today. The timed PS5 console exclusive from Microsoft-owned Bethesda looks like it will be available on Xbox soon, a year after it launched on PS5. Microsoft’s store says you can “pre-order now” but the link isn’t working yet. We described Deathloop as “an intricate mystery that also happens to be an amazing action game.”

The Xbox dashboard showing Deathloop will be available on Xbox soon
A Deathloop ad on Xbox.
Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge