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Mitchell Clark

Mitchell Clark

News Writer

Mitchell has been interested in tech ever since they found out you could change the background image of a folder in Windows ME. They’re still trying to find something as magical as that. They can be contacted at

Ethics Statement: Mitchell has worked on a public health program used by state health departments, and so won’t report on it or its competitors.

    Mitchell ClarkSep 21
    “You think Big Brother is watching you on the subways? You’re absolutely right.”

    New York City is planning on adding two surveillance cameras to its subway cars, around 13,000 in total. The Gothamist pointed out governor Kathy Hochul’s (frankly incredible) remarks about the move.

    She said the similarity to 1984’s Big Brother is intentional. “If you’re concerned about this, best answer is don’t commit any crimes on the subways.”

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    Mitchell ClarkSep 20
    Satellite-to-phone service is getting closer.

    The FCC has given Lynk, one of the companies competing with SpaceX, T-Mobile, and Apple, a license to operate a commercial satellite-to-mobile communication service (though currently it’s only for coverage outside the US).

    Lynk will still have to find a mobile carrier to work with and get FCC approval for that specific service, but it’s now cleared an important hurdle — plus, the company’s CEO told Fierce Wireless that it’s currently “working with testing” for two US carriers.