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Zendure’s 100W SuperTank Pro battery is $75 off for Verge readers

Zendure’s 100W SuperTank Pro battery is $75 off for Verge readers


Plus, more great deals on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat, Palmetto Apple Watch bands, the M2 MacBook Air, and more

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A close-up of the Zendure SuperTank Pro’s built-in OLED, showing charge output levels for the four USB-C devices plugged into its ports below the screen.
The 26,800mAh SuperTank Pro is a little chunky but travel-ready with its sleek aluminum shell.
Photo by Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge

In need of some portable power? How about a whole lot of it, with the ability to output up to 100W of fast charging to top up your devices in minimal time? That’s exactly what the Zendure SuperTank Pro is capable of, and Wellbots is offering a special discount for today only — just for Verge readers.

You can save $75 on the SuperTank Pro 26,800mAh power bank at Wellbots when you use code VERGE75 at checkout. That brings the price down to $154.99, and it ships for free. This beefy portable charger has four USB-C ports, with a maximum output of 100W to charge a laptop or fast charge multiple smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, a Steam Deck, or a Nintendo Switch. It’s quite a versatile power bank, and the real kicker is its built-in OLED panel, which shows you the charge rates of each device plugged into it. And while it’s far from the tiniest charger, the sleek aluminum shell is travel-ready — it kind of gives off a high-end luxury or attache case vibe. Read our review.

Zendure SuperTank Pro

$229.9933% off

The SuperTank Pro has a 26,800mAh / 96.48Wh capacity, which is the maximum that you can take on a commercial flight, per FAA rules. It features four USB-C ports, an info-dense OLED panel, and more. Verge readers get $75 off from Wellbots today, September 22nd, by using code VERGE75 at checkout.

Beans, beans, the magical... earbuds? Wait, what?

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live true wireless earbuds in black are back down to their best price of $89.99 at Amazon. While these are frequently on sale, this $60 discount is about as good as it gets for the bean-shaped buds. Samsung may have much fancier options now with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, but the Buds Live are still worthwhile for their unique fit, great battery life, and much lower price point. They may not have the best noise cancellation by 2022 standards, but they definitely score a lot of points with charm factor — even in a stealthy all-black. Read our review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

$149.9940% off

Samsung’s unconventional wireless earbuds are shaped like beans, but they produce a powerful sound and come with lengthy battery life.

The temperatures are rapidly changing as we approach autumn, and that means you have to deal with a daily transition of chilly mornings to warm daytimes to chilly evenings in many locations. Sweater weather is great, but a high heating and cooling bill is not. Google’s latest Nest Learning Thermostat is designed to help navigate these months and save you money by making automatic adjustments to your needs and schedule. It’s currently on sale for $189.99 ($60 off) at Best Buy and B&H Photo in a variety of colors and finishes to best match your home aesthetic. While this model has been around for a little while, it’s still one of the most fully featured thermostats — especially from Google since it’s much smarter than the base Nest model.


The Nest Learning Thermostat is the original smart thermostat, complete with automatic adjustments, smartphone control, and the ability to go into an energy saving mode when you’re not home.

If you recently saw David Pierce espousing his love for the Apple Watch’s solo loop strap but don’t feel keen to spend $100 on the elastic strap, Palmetto Bands is offering a popular substitute for a fraction of the price. You can get three elastic watch bands of your choosing for $45 ($9 off), and these are offered for a variety of smartwatches: Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, Withings, Amazfit, and Fossil. Plus, the designs go well beyond anything those brands would offer, ranging from solid colors to wildly vivid patterns. Much like Apple’s loop straps, these bands do not have a buckle — you just slide them over your hand and they’re designed to fit snugly on your wrist. Just be sure to measure your wrist and select the correct size on Palmetto’s site when ordering.


Palmetto watch bands come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they are made for a bunch of different smart watches — including Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, and more. You can pick three elastic bands in this bundle and dial in your exact wrist size so you get an ideal fit.

Despite having a higher starting price than its M1 predecessor, there’s a lot to like in the new MacBook Air with M2 processor. Sure, the M1 version of 2020 is still around for a lower price, but if you want all the nice refinements of the M2 (thinner and lighter design, MagSafe charging, 1080p webcam, etc.) then you gotta pay. So this $100 discount at least helps ease the pain a little bit. The M2 MacBook Air is currently available at Amazon and Best Buy for $1,099 (regularly $1,199). Amazon has the silver and space gray colors at that price, while Best Buy has all four colors on offer. The midnight color option is by far the coolest-looking of them all, though it’s also a fingerprint magnet. More importantly, it’s a very good laptop (slightly subpar base storage notwithstanding) that now sits at the top of our buying guide as the one we most recommend. Read our review.


The redesigned MacBook Air is a thin, lightweight device powered by Apple’s latest chip. The M2 model also touts a 1080p webcam and a better display than its predecessor, while retaining features like long battery life and MagSafe charging.

Another batch of good deals:

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A direct strike at 14,000 mph.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) scored a hit on the asteroid Dimorphos, but as Mary Beth Griggs explains, the real science work is just beginning.

Now planetary scientists will wait to see how the impact changed the asteroid’s orbit, and to download pictures from DART’s LICIACube satellite which had a front-row seat to the crash.

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At 7:14PM ET, a NASA spacecraft is going to smash into an asteroid! Coverage of the collision — called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test — is now live.

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During this time, Jupiter will be visible to the naked eye (but binoculars can help). You can check where and when you can get a glimpse of the gas giant from this website.

Emma RothSep 26
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One fan, who goes by the name Metroid Mike 64 on Twitter, just built a full-on 2D Mario game inside Super Mario Maker 2 complete with 40 levels and eight worlds.

Looking at the gameplay shared on Twitter is enough to make me want to break out my SNES, or at least buy Super Mario Maker 2 so I can play this epic retro revamp.

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