'The Sun Does Not Exist' turns Hunter S. Thompson's drug trips into a strange game


It's no easy task to translate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' psychedelic narrative in any form at all, but if you're going to try, you may as well make things get just as weird. In The Sun Does Not Exist, a browser game very loosely based on Hunter S. Thompson's novel, players take control of what appears to be one of Fear and Loathing's protagonists while making their way across desert roads, stopping at buildings along the journey where they'll encounter a phallic door, a shark running a convenience store, and a giant shadowy head with bulging eyeballs.

Developer Da Neel Games doesn't really try to explain the game very much, leaving us only with two thoughts: that the title is a "small strange adventure game," and that "it’s something like very bad and strange Silent Hill but without monsters." You can play The Sun Does Not Exist over at Game Jolt.

The Verge
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