With over 1.6 million new customers, T-Mobile's Q4 2013 was its 'best quarter' in 8 years

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T-Mobile's bold new strategy is turning the company around. CEO John Legere announced today that Q4 2013 was his company's "best quarter" in eight years, seeing the addition of 1.645 million customers — a dramatic change from having lost 32,000 customers that quarter the prior year. Postpaid saw a one the biggest changes, adding 869,000 customers last quarter compared to losing 515,000 that quarter in 2012.

4.4 million new customers in 2013

In total, T-Mobile added 4.4 million new customers in 2013, which the company is largely crediting to its Uncarrier initiative — a combination of network improvements, consumer-friendly changes, and Legere's freewheeling press conferences. With the numbers in, Legere sounds more confident than ever about T-Mobile's ability to change the wireless industry's status quo. "We are either going to take over this whole industry, or these bastards will change and we'll still be wildly successful," Legere says. "I'm going to love watching the peckers scream."

Legere also said that T-Mobile sold 69,000 tablets last quarter. That may not sound like a lot, but Legere says it's sold more tablets in the past month alone than it did over the prior two years — a change that's likely a result of offering a small amount of free data for all tablets. T-Mobile also announced today that it would begin paying for customers' cancellation fees to get them to switch from other carriers, a change that it's certainly hoping will make all of these numbers a lot bigger this time next year.

The Verge
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