The best of CES 2014

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Sure, you could plug into every feed The Verge offers to keep tabs on CES 2014, but the flood of news can get overwhelming. Cut through the clutter with this Best of CES StoryStream, which documents the can't miss news, products, stories, and reporting coming.

34 updates and 4166 comments below.

Jan 13 12:05p

Goodbye Twitter fridges, hello 3D-printed food

CES has long been the best place in the world to find a bunch of insane and impractical home appliances. Last year saw the category reach its drunk-on-tech nadir, best exemplified by Samsung's incongruous efforts to push Evernote onto fridge doors. But what we found in 2014 may surprise you — some are taking a step back from the bizarre feature creep of 2013, and one new device is a genuine breakthrough that could foreshadow a potential revolution in the kitchen.

That's not to say that...

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Jan 10 4:17p

The Verge Awards: the best of CES 2014

This is not about revenge. This is about justice. This is the best of CES 2014. Continue reading »


Future steps: exoskeleton lets paralyzed snowmobiler walk again

Robotic exoskeletons are a staple of sci-fi, pointing to a future where technology can overcome serious injury and bestow superhuman powers on people. But that future is here today for Paul Thacker, who uses an exoskeleton about once a month to stand up and walk around — no small feat, considering he's paralyzed from the chest down.

The 39-year-old Alaska native and snowmobile enthusiast lost the use of his lower body in a training accident in 2010 and was told he’d be confined to a...

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How Netflix won CES

It’s not the TVs, it’s what you watch on them Continue reading »


Sony returns to the swagger of its glory days

During the 1990s, Sony was the world’s preeminent tech brand, dominating the field with its innovative designs and consistently superior products, but the past decade hasn't been so great.

The Japanese company lost its crown to Apple through a series of calamitous decisions and strategies that were more outlandish than forward thinking. So when Kazuo Hirai took over the mantle of CEO in 2012, his first task was merely to steady the ship. Two years on, however, Kaz is done patching up holes...

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Jan 09 7:00p


This is the real CES

Buying and selling at tech's biggest trade show Continue reading »


Make it beautiful: how the fashion industry is giving tech a hand

For the fashion-conscious, wearable gadgets are currently not wearable. But at CES 2014, fashion moguls and global tech authorities are finally chatting about how to fix that problem. Design as a function isn't a new idea, but the fashion industry thinks about it differently — and the tech industry is starting to listen.

On Monday, Intel shared the stage with Barneys New York, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and Opening Ceremony as they announced a collaboration between the...

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Gigabyte fits a gaming powerhouse inside an inch-thick laptop

For most people, gaming laptops are the modern equivalent of the old beige box. You might have or want one, but it's not something you'd bring up in polite conversation. Portability has always played a secondary role to fitting the most power inside that laptop's dimensions, which together with some garish design choices has made the entire category unpalatable for the mainstream consumer. Gigabyte, purveyor of desktop motherboards, graphics cards, and other gaming gear, is challenging that...

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Jan 08 2:59p

PlayStation Now could be the future of gaming

It's impressive, but Sony still needs to fill in a lot of the blanks Continue reading »


I tased myself with an iPhone case

The creators of Yellow Jacket, a unique combination of smartphone case and stun gun, think this product could be the answer to New York City's most frequent crime: iPhone theft. "Legalize our device and [it] would stop overnight," says co-founder and CEO Sean Simone.

The Yellow Jacket is a pretty basic rubber iPhone case that snaps on to a larger attachment; it holds a battery pack and electric prongs. The device takes about four hours to get to full charge. After that, the Yellow Jacket can...

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What happens if you fall asleep in a self-driving car? Audi knows

Audi brought several high-tech car demos to CES this week — as it did last year — including two that took us out into the mean streets of Las Vegas, subject to the whims of rush hour traffic. Fortunately, we had a couple interesting new features making our bumper-to-bumper commutes just a little bit easier.

First, we tested a system that feeds upcoming traffic light data directly into the cockpit. While driving, the next light on your road is indicated in green with a suggested speed next to...

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Plugging into Crystal Cove, the new high-resolution, position-tracking Oculus Rift

My first time using the Oculus Rift was almost exactly one year ago, when I spent a couple of minutes walking around an Alien-inspired spaceship. Since then, a lot has happened. Oculus has shipped its first version of the Rift to developers, who have taken their first steps towards making a real catalog. The company has raised $75 million in funding from Mark Andreessen and other big-name investors. And today, I got a look at the next step: a high-resolution, motion-tracking prototype known...

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The self-drifting car: taking a BMW to the limit in Las Vegas

Self-driving cars aren't supposed to make you puke, are they?

A couple laps in BMW's latest autonomous driving demo, taking place here at CES this week, are all it took to get me feeling a little woozy. And there's a good reason for that: the car was whipping itself around an infield road track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway at the very outer limits of its capabilities, guided only be its own high-resolution GPS and the usual array of sensors found on every automakers' self-driving cars.


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Sony announces cloud-based TV service with live TV, DVR, and video on demand

We were expecting Sony to launch something like PlayStation Now, which is cloud-based streaming for games. But Sony seems to have larger ambitions, launching a TV service that will provide live television, video on demand, and even DVR in the cloud. It will offer universal search "across live and on-demand video content" — letting you just keep your content in Sony's cloud and use it across all of your Sony gadgets — in fact, the company says it will work on 70 million Sony devices.  That...

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Sony announces PlayStation Now, its cloud gaming service for TVs, consoles, and phones

The PlayStation 4 may not be the most important part of Sony's gaming strategy anymore. At CES 2014, Sony has just announced PlayStation Now, a service that will bring streaming PlayStation games not only to PS4, but also PS3, PlayStation Vita, and even televisions, tablets, and smartphones.

It's the company's public-facing brand for Gaikai, the cloud gaming technology it purchased in June of 2012, which the company previously said would bring PS3 games to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation...

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Mophie announces new Space Packs, battery packs with built-in storage for iPhone

Mophie followed up its Juice Pack line of battery cases today by officially announcing the Mophie Space Pack. The pair of battery packs promise to not only double the battery life of your iPhone 5 or 5S, but also double your device's storage capacity at the same time.

The Juice Pack cases continue to be solid products for those looking to extend the day-to-day battery life of their iPhones. The Space Packs look to branch out on that tradition. The case wraps snugly around your iPhone and...

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Intel confirms Dual OS computers that run both Windows and Android

It barely got a mention at Intel's CES 2014 press conference this evening, but Dual OS is real. The company confirmed that Intel processors will power computers that can switch between Windows and Android with the press of a button, just like the Asus Transformer Book Duet we tried earlier today. Intel demonstrated the technology on a laptop during the company's press conference, right after introducing "Intel Device Protection Technology," an idea that should help Intel-based Android devices...

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Sony brings its flagship smartphone to the US as the Xperia Z1S for T-Mobile

Sony announced today that starting January 22nd, the Xperia Z1S will be available from T-Mobile. The Z1S is a variant of the Xperia Z1, Sony's current flagship device that's been for sale in different parts of the world for the past few months. It features a 5-inch, 1080p display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and Sony's 20.7-megapixel camera. Like its predecessor, the Xperia Z, the Z1S is also waterproof, though it can be submerged a bit deeper than the Z (up to 4.9 feet for...

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Watch Michael Bay melt down onstage at CES

During Samsung's CES press event today, the company brought out super-action director Michael Bay to discuss the company's new curved HDTVs. Unfortunately for Bay, Samsung appeared to have issues with the teleprompters being used to cue onstage presenters. Then Michael Bay had a mini-meltdown. Then he peaced the fuck out. And we have the video.

Update: Michael Bay has written about the experience on his blog. Here's his take on the matter.

Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES - I...

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Google's Open Automotive Alliance: the battle for the dashboard is now

Last night's announcement of the Open Automotive Alliance — a new industry group helmed by Google and top-tier automakers like Audi, GM, and Honda — served as the loudest call yet of CES's rapid transformation over the past couple years into a car show. Yes, not just a car-friendly show, an actual car show: automakers from BMW to Volvo have announcements lined up for this week. More than ever, keynote addresses and press conferences from auto industry executives now stand shoulder-to-shoulder...

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The striking Pebble Steel could change your mind about smartwatches

The $249 second-generation Pebble adds style to the original’s substance Continue reading »


Our first look at LG’s new webOS TV and curved 105-inch UHDTV

It's rare, if ever, for TV software to be the most anticipated debut at a big CES press event, but that's exactly what LG's webOS interface achieved ahead of the company's presser today. Alas, we weren't allowed to touch LG's Magic Remote, which will work in concert with the webOS UI, and really get to grips with it; but in terms of its look and feel, it really does convey a sense of much smoother and less cluttered interaction between user and TV. It's still somewhat odd to need to direct a...

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LG's new flexible OLED TV is its most stunning one yet

One of the best traditions of CES is getting to see the jaw-dropping brilliance of large-screened OLED TVs, primarily from the two Korean giants LG and Samsung. This year has been no different, though LG has cranked things up a couple of notches by curving its 77-inch OLED panel. The new TV, though it's taking a secondary position behind the new webOS software and the 105-inch curved IPS LCD, is my personal favorite from LG's debuts at CES 2014, with its stupendously thin bezels and...

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Rebooting webOS: how LG rethought the smart TV

Five years after it was first introduced, webOS comes back to CES in a radically different form Continue reading »


Lean into it: test driving Toyota's i-Road concept car

Three wheels, two passengers, no gas, and a serious strut Continue reading »


A premium smartwatch? MetaWatch launches new brand with former Vertu designer

MetaWatch, the smartwatch company born from ex-Fossil engineers, is launching a new brand of devices called Meta. Meta watches differ from the company's earlier efforts in that they have as much of a focus on design and aesthetics as they do on functionality.

One of the biggest criticisms leveraged against smartwatches is that they are just ugly and not something that most people care to wear on their wrists. MetaWatch's earlier models, the Strata and Frame, were more about utility than...

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Jan 05 8:13p

Suit up with PrioVR to control your video games with uncanny accuracy

When it emerged in 2010, Microsoft Kinect promised to turn your body into the video game controller. But while the technology brought new attention to the idea of gesture-based gameplay, Kinect often failed to capture your movements with true fidelity. And while Kinect 2 greatly improved on its predecessors, at least one company at CES thinks there's still plenty of room for improvement.

PrioVR came to CES to show off their full- and half-body game controller suits, which use motion-capture...

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Parrot reveals new affordable flying drone and two-wheeler built from the AR.Drone

There’s always been little doubt that drones make great toys — the problem is that they’re far from cheap. Now the makers of the AR.Drone are revealing two new toys built from their technology that are small, easy to use, and — if the time we’ve spent with them here at CES is any indication — a great deal of fun.

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Corvette's Performance Data Recorder turns your drive into a video game

You've heard of the quantified self, but what about the quantified car?

Chevrolet brought journalists to Spring Mountain Raceway this weekend — some 60 miles beyond the glitz of CES and the Vegas Strip — to demonstrate the 2015 Corvette's Performance Data Recorder, a GoPro-on-steroids that's integrated directly into the car. The system includes a high-resolution GPS receiver that's five times more sensitive than the Corvette's standard navigation system, a mic recording the cabin, and a...

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