Apple iWatch: tracking the rumors of a Cupertino-designed timekeeper

Lunatik watch prototypes

Wearables are widely regarded as the next big thing in consumer technology, underscored by buzz around Google Glass and Pebble's enormously successful Kickstarter project. But will Apple jump in? And if so, when? Join us as we track the rumors from conception to launch.

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Feb 02 11:32p

Apple's smartwatch could use solar power and wireless charging: NYT

Battery life is a major concern for most entries in the fledgling smartwatch category; last year The Verge heard that Apple was having power trouble with its much-anticipated wearable device. Now The New York Times reports that Cupertino is exploring new technologies to solve the problem. According to the Times' sources, Apple is considering equipping the smartwatch's screen with a solar-charging layer that would top up the battery when the device is worn in daylight, though such a...

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Jan 31 5:23p

Apple met with FDA, reportedly working on 'Healthbook' for iOS 8

Some of Apple's top executives met with officials from the US Food and Drug Administration last month, something that — together with new software rumors — could signal a new direction for the company's upcoming products. Apple's senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams, as well as the company's vice president of software technologies Bud Tribble met with the FDA on December 13th to discuss "mobile medical applications," reports The New York Times. The meeting appeared on the...

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Jan 07 6:19p

Apple reportedly facing hurdles with smartwatch production

Apple has faced several setbacks in its attempt to design a smartwatch, according to The Information. Those include unsatisfactory battery performance attributed to display issues. Apple has explored switching the display technology used within its smartwatch, according to the report, though The Information doesn't mention what sort of panels are under consideration. Apple also called off production of iWatch components with one supplier late last year, the report claims, but even...

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Oct 17 11:50a

Fragments of time: the wild, messy state of smartwatches

The challenges and challengers that the iWatch will have to overcome Continue reading »

Sep 27 2:32p

Apple reportedly hires Nike design director Ben Shaffer to work on wearable devices

At this point, it's no secret that Apple is profoundly interested in wearable devices, with many rumors pegging a new "iWatch" product to be unveiled in the near future. To that end, it looks like the company has tapped one of the best in the business for the wearable category: 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple has hired Nike's Ben Shaffer, the studio director for the company's "Innovation Kitchen." Under Shaffer, a Nike employee since 2011, the Innovation Kitchen brought forth the s...

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Jul 18 3:04p

Apple's secret iWatch team includes small device and fitness experts, claims report

Apple vice president Kevin Lynch

Reports of Apple's long-rumored smartwatch device, commonly called the iWatch, have continually gained steam this year, and remarks from CEO Tim Cook have lent credence to the notion that Apple is working on such a device. A new report from 9to5Mac outlines Apple's supposed secret team that is working on a smartwatch or other wearable technology. Leading the pack is senior vice president of technologies Bob Mansfield, but just below him are former Adobe exec...

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Jul 14 3:46p

Apple on iWatch hiring blitz ahead of possible late 2014 launch, says Financial Times

A new report in the Financial Times today says that Apple has significantly stepped up hiring in a bid to engineer its long-rumored smartwatch. The report goes on to say that CEO Tim Cook could still scrap the project — Cupertino has a reputation for leaving half-baked projects on the cutting-room floor over the years — but that Apple currently has "several dozen" people actively working on the iWatch. Interestingly, FT says that the activity suggests that the project wouldn't be ready...

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Jul 10 11:00a

With Apple's iWatch on the horizon, do Pebble and MetaWatch still matter?

We’re on the cusp of an explosion of wearables, and the smartwatch will be one of the first styles to go big. By all appearances, the iWatch is happening. And even if it doesn’t happen, the Google watch will, or perhaps the Galaxy watch. Where does that leave the little guys, the Pebbles and the MetaWatches of the world? Are they primed to compete?

Dipping your toe in the primordial ooze of the smartwatch industry isn’t easy. I’ve had various MetaWatches for a year and a half now;...

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Jul 01 1:22a

Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark around the world

Following months of reports about Apple’s upcoming foray into wearable electronics, the company is now seeking to trademark "iWatch" in Japan, reports Bloomberg. Many are convinced that Apple is working on a smartwatch product, but so far Cupertino has kept more or less quiet — save for Tim Cook’s statement about the "profound" opportunity in wearables at the D11 conference in May. Apple has also filed for the "iWatch" mark in Russia, Izvestia reported last month.

Of course, merely...

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Mar 04 9:27a

Apple's watch will run iOS and arrive later this year, say sources

More details are emerging about Apple's forthcoming watch, which is targeted for release this year, according to a Bloomberg report this morning and corroborated by our sources. Bloomberg says the watch project has long been a favorite of Apple design chief Jony Ive, who reportedly ordered "boxes" of Nike sports watches for his team to study a few years ago.

That's perfectly in line with what we've heard about the watch project, which we're told is being led by Ive himself with some 100...

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Feb 21 5:22a

Apple's 'wearable video device' patent application looks like an iWatch blueprint

Recent weeks have seen speculation intensify around the idea of an Apple iWatch, and today a patent application from the Cupertino company has revealed a device that bears a striking resemblance to what you might expect an Apple smartwatch to look like. The claim described in the document (filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office in August of 2011) sets out a wearable video device built around a flexible display that is intended to be worn around "an appendage." The illustrative imagery...

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Feb 12 8:01p

Apple smartwatch could be 'beyond experimentation phase,' says Bloomberg

Following reports on a possible Apple smartwatch by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Bloomberg is the latest reputable source to weigh in with its own take. According to the new report, Apple has a team of around 100 people working on the smartwatch, and Bloomberg's sources say that the size of the team suggests the project is "beyond the experimentation phase."

Apple's senior director of engineering James Foster is said to be working on the smartwatch with others who...

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Feb 10 12:09p

Apple is 'experimenting' with curved glass smartwatch, says NYT and WSJ

The New York Times is reporting today that Apple has begun developing an iOS-based smartwatch. Sources familiar with the company's plans tell the Times that the watch will be made from curved glass, setting it apart from competitors such as Pebble's smartwatch. At the moment, however, it seems the watch is still in a nascent stage of development. Sources said Apple is currently experimenting with wearable form factors, but gave no details of the device's design, or whether it will be released...

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Feb 09 12:45p

Apple user interface visionary argues the case for an iWatch

Early Apple employee Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini has written an article explaining the potential benefits of an Apple-made smart watch. Tognazzini joined Apple in 1978 and had a big influence on the company's user interfaces over the fourteen years he worked there. In his post The Apple iWatch, the engineer and designer argues that current smart watches are either too limited in features or battery life, and claims that Apple is uniquely positioned to get it right.

A large part of Togazzini's...

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