Redesigning the People Hub

So I realized that even though the People hub is a very big part of Windows phone, I rarely use it. I've tried using it, but I always end up going back to the Facebook and Twitter apps. I think there's others like me, and I think there's an easy way to solve this.

1) make better use of the space available.

Right now, the people hub looks like this.


Now, while pretty, the big "people" banner up top takes up a whole lot of space. I obviously know I'm in the people hub, so the actually information I tapped the tile to get is more important than the banner telling me where I am.

Now, a fix for this is easy and is actually already done in Windows Phone, just look at the settings hub:


In the settings hub, Microsoft realized that the word "settings" was not more important than...the actual settings. Since Windows Phone's big idea was "putting people first", the same treatment should be given to the people hub.



it's a simple fix really, but once you scroll and the "all" disappears as well, it's really evident the increase in space you get.


2) Redesign the "what's new feed"

The second reason I don't use the People Hub as much is because the what's new feed, in my opinion, is fairly lacking. Profile pictures aren't displayed, and posted pictures are very small compared to the newly redesigned Facebook app, and the grey comment boxes just seem too big and ungainly.

I didn't have to do much here, simply darken the theme of the new Facebook app and shrink it so the overflow shows and voila.


And finally a view of what it would look like on a device.


Thanks. Quick project for me, thoughts and feedback appreciated.

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