Mega and the return of Kim Dotcom

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Internet celebrity, file-sharing mogul, and top-ranked Modern Warfare 3 player Kim Dotcom is back in the news. He and his cofounders were indicted in the US for copyright infringement and racketeering related to the piracy hub Megaupload in early 2012, but managed to fight extradition to the US. The group then launched a new company, Mega, which is based in New Zealand and billed as a personal cloud storage solution and offered users a whopping 50 GB of space to start. Dotcom says Mega is a legitimate competitor to Dropbox and Google Drive, but critics call it a front for piracy.

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Nov 28 10:51a

Kim Dotcom's Mega comes to iPhone with file sharing and in-app subscriptions

Kim Dotcom's cloud storage service Mega has arrived on iOS. Nearly five months after the company entered mobile by way of Android, it's now launched an iOS 7 app that lets users manage content stored in their cloud locker. Mega for iOS can preview or stream supported media files, and also lets you send file and folder links directly within the app. Somewhat surprisingly, you can even subscribe to Mega's premium tier via in-app purchase, which means that Apple is taking a cut of each $10.99...

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May 22 10:46p

Kim Dotcom accuses Google, Facebook, and Twitter of violating his two-step security patent

Hours after Twitter rolled out support for two-step verification, Kim Dotcom has claimed credit for inventing the security feature. In a series of tweets, the embattled Megaupload founder points to a patent dating back to 1997 as proof for his claim, and accuses companies including Google, Facebook, and Twitter of infringing his intellectual property rights.

Feb 16 9:54p

Kim Dotcom teases new 'secure' and private Mega email, chat, voice, and video services

As part of a (brief) rant on Twitter today about the dangers of using web services that are based in the United States, Mega founder Kim Dotcom said the service will expand "in the coming years" beyond cloud storage to offer secure email, web chat, voice, video, and "mobile" (emphasis his) products. Naturally, no details have been offered beyond the single tweet teasing the new features, but from a series of messages on Twitter it's clear that the focus is on privacy. The tease came after...

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Feb 08 10:40a

Top New Zealand web exec joins Kim Dotcom, compares Mega to Google

Controversial cloud hosting site Mega, the successor to the infamous piracy hub Megaupload, just got a major boost in credibility from a high-profile New Zealand internet executive and advocate.

Vikram Kumar, the former head of the company that administers the .nz domain, just announced he has joined Mega as CEO. "From meeting with the Mega team, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they intend to run the company in a manner that is well within both the letter and spirit of the law,"...

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Jan 20 4:03p

Kim Dotcom claims over one million Mega users during outrageous launch party

In just one day, Kim Dotcom's new Mega service has reportedly garnered over one million users. The impressive tally was revealed by Dotcom himself during a lavish launch party for the cloud storage platform in New Zealand. No doubt pleased with this early momentum, Dotcom said bluntly, "we cannot be stopped." Further, he emphasized that Mega was built from the ground up after MegaUpload was felled by the US Justice Department, which deemed Dotcom's previous project to be an "international...

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Jan 19 1:07p

Kim Dotcom launches Mega, teases new movie service

Today, Kim Dotcom launched his new file storage service Mega on the one-year anniversary of Megaupload's takedown. The cloud storage service is currently under heavy load, with thousands of user registrations per minute and 100,000 registered users within the site's first hour, according to Dotcom.

Mega — intended as a competitor to popular storage solutions such as Dropbox — is a simple, drag-and-drop storage solution that allows users to share files via public link. In order to avoid...

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Jan 18 12:07p

Kim Dotcom's Mega to take on Dropbox with massive cloud storage

Kim Dotcom's new venture Mega isn't scheduled to launch publicly until tomorrow, but some press outlets including TechCrunch are getting an early peek at the cloud service right now. In addition to the complimentary 50GB that all users can expect to receive, Mega will also be offering paid tiers for those that demand more capacity — to be used for totally legal purposes, of course. The incremental "Pro" options offer 500GB, 2TB, and 4TB of cloud for €9.99, €19.99 and €29.99, respectively....

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Jan 17 7:39p

Kim Dotcom promises 50GB of free storage for Mega service launching on Saturday

Kim Dotcom's Mega, the follow-up to Megaupload, is finally set to go live this weekend, and the flamboyant entrepreneur has taken to Twitter to share some details about the new service. Mega will apparently give all users 50GB of free cloud storage, making it a potentially compelling competitor to the likes of Dropbox (2GB free) and SkyDrive (7GB free) — if you're not worried about the service getting shut down like its predecessor, that is.

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Nov 05 2:48p

Kim Dotcom reveals plans to build $330 million internet cable between US and New Zealand

Kim Dotcom has revealed plans to revive the Pacific Fibre cable project that would connect New Zealand to the United States and lead to cheaper and faster internet for residents, The New Zealand Herald reports. The cable will cost about $330 million to build, which Dotcom says will be funded by his recently announced company Mega and other investors. While the venture would not yield free internet for residents, as has been commonly reported, Dotcom says the network would offer significantly...

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Oct 20 10:07p

Meet Mega, Kim Dotcom's new and secure Megaupload sequel

Wired has details of Mega, the new cloud storage project from embattled Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. In many ways it sounds suspiciously similar to the previous file-sharing service that came under fire from US authorities, but a new encryption system gives users the ability to limit access to any file via generated keys. Mega won't keep the decryption keys on its servers, protecting them from possible hacks or government raids, and also meaning that the service won't be able to know the...

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