Finally, a Roomba that cleans your smartphone

takara tomy automee s

Tired of the hours of backbreaking labor spent wiping your smartphone and tablet displays? Takara Tomy suggests you let a robot do it. Its Automee-S is a 2.75-inch Roomba-like screen polisher that roves around, pulling the filth off your device with special cleaning paper while its electronic brain makes sure it doesn't topple over the edge.


But while Takara Tomy touts the "cute movement" enabled by the Automee-S’s auto-turning abilities, there are some important things to consider before you buy — like the fact that Takara Tomy declines any responsibility for damage to your devices or their software, or that batteries are sold separately. Still, if you’re ready to delegate your screen-wiping to a miniature robot servant and have a large supply of AA batteries at the ready, Automee-S goes on sale in Japan next month for ¥1,575, or about $16.80.

The Verge
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