Volkswagen's super-efficient XL1 hybrid car gets 261 miles per gallon

via img.gawkerassets.com

For the past decade, Volkswagen has been working on its "one-liter car": a vehicle that can travel 100 kilometers on a single liter of fuel. Shown off first with the L1 and currently with a car called the XL1, the concept relies on an extremely aerodynamic design, small frame, and an electric engine with a range of about 31 miles. Now, Volkswagen says it may finally be ready for production. The company tells Jalopnik and others that a final version of the XL1 will be seen at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in preparation for a limited run in the relatively near future. What's more, Volkswagen says it can now run 100 kilometers on 0.9 liters — or 261 miles per gallon in American parlance.

Calculating effective miles per gallon gets more complicated with hybrid vehicles, but that's an impressive number no matter what. The XL1 runs on a comparatively puny 47-horsepower engine, which necessitates its small size: it weighs 795kg (1,800 pounds) and Volkswagen describes it as 129mm (about 5 inches) shorter than Porsche's low-slung Boxster sports car. Much of the XL1 is put together by hand, so it's likely to be both very rare and very expensive whenever it finally hits the road.

The Verge
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