Sony announces DualShock 4 controller with touchpad and 3D camera tracking

via d35lb3dl296zwu.cloudfront.net

Sony has announced the DualShock 4, a new controller with a touchpad and headphone jack. The controller will come with a dedicated share button and a light bar that identifies players or changes color during play, and it essentially looks like a sleeker version of the classic DualShock. The light bar, which rotates between three different colors, can actually be used to provide feedback during gameplay — to notify a player if their health is running low, for example.

The DualShock 4 packs some additional surprises inside, including a six-axis sensor and a built-in speaker. A 3D camera — dubbed the PlayStation 4 Eye — can also track the controller's motion from the light bar, sensing depth. Overall, the system is much like the potential prototype controller we've been seeing over the past several days, and it's designed to take advantage of new features, like an instant suspension mode that will save games and put the console in low-power mode. The share button is being touted as a particularly important feature: pressing it lets users broadcast their game live to friends, who can then post to your screen or even take over the controller if you allow it. Of course, we still have no idea what the PlayStation 4 will actually look like, so it's hard to tell how the controller will fit with the console itself.

The Verge
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