Good Deal: Dell’s Venue 8 Pro tablet for $99 at Microsoft Stores on Monday

Dell Venue 8 Pro Software

Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be a distant memory, but Microsoft is creating 12 days of deals at its own retail stores to continue the bargains in the run-up to Christmas. The first day of sales commences on Monday, with Microsoft Stores selling Dell’s Venue 8 Pro tablet for just $99. It’s an incredibly good deal for an 8-inch tablet running a full copy of Windows 8.1, but there’s a slight catch: there’s only 20 at each of Microsoft’s 51 stores across the US for the initial $99 price.

After the first 20 devices are sold one per customer, which will likely be within minutes, the price jumps to $199 for the next 10 and then back to the regular $299 for any remaining stock. Microsoft is planning to hold additional sales over 12 days from Monday onwards, and if the initial deal is anything to go by then there could be even greater bargains over the next few weeks.

Update: Microsoft's terms and conditions note the $199 price is limited to 10 units, but a spokesperson has confirmed this price is actually "while stock last" and for the entire day. Some stores will have more than 10 units at the $199 price. Microsoft's online store is also carrying the offer, with the $99 price for the first 100 orders and then $199 for the rest of the day while stocks last.

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