Build your own GameBoy with the DIY Gamer kit

DIY Gamer Kit

You can play games on just about every device you own, but if you're looking for something a little more low tech, there's always the option to build your own machine. As the name implies, the DIY Gamer kit is a handheld game console that doesn't come assembled — the fun comes not only from putting it together yourself, but also programming your own games. There are 40 different pieces to solder together and the device features an 8 x 8 LED matrix display, four buttons, and a buzzer so you can add some simple sounds to your projects.

"We were really inspired by those key ring-sized Game & Watches Nintendo used to make."

"We were really inspired by those key ring-sized Game & Watches Nintendo used to make," Michail Vanis, from creator Technology Will Save Us, tells Edge, "because [they] stripped everything complicated for a really simple gaming experience." The kit comes with two games to play — LED renditions of Breakout and Snake — but you can build more using the included Arduino micro controller, and the company is providing tutorial videos and other helpful hints on its site for aspiring designers. You might not be able to craft the next Legend of Zelda, but the creators are hoping the kit will serve as inspiration. "We hope this kit will encourage you and a whole host of people to make and create with technology," the company explains.

You can pre-order the DIY Gamer kit now for £50 (around $82).

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