Two guys made a life-sized Lego car that runs on air

Super Awesome Micro Project Lego air-powered car

Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida built a functional car out of Lego bricks that runs on air. The car is the product of the duo's Super Awesome Micro Project, a crowd-funded effort that allowed them to take 500,000 Lego bricks and 256 pistons and design a hot rod-esque masterpiece. The car, from engine to seats, is made completely from the tiny bricks, with the exception of a few structural parts including wheels, tires, and gauges. Sammartino and Oaida estimate they've dropped $60,000 on Lego bricks alone.

They racked up a huge Lego bill — $60,000

Forty Australian patrons funded the project after seeing a single tweet that Sammartino sent, as well as a tongue-in-cheek prospectus he wrote about the idea. The car was built in Romania and then shipped to an undisclosed location in Melbourne, which was not an easy task.

"The car was significantly damaged during shipping," Sammartino told an Australian podcast. "We were like, 'Well it's just Lego, we'll snap the pieces back together,' But it wasn't that easy. The pieces were warped because it had gone across the Equator, pieces were freezing and heating up — it was worse than you'd think."

But they were able to patch those damages up, and now they're taking the car to the streets. It uses four radial engines for power and can currently reach speeds up to 20mph. So for now Sammartino and Oaida are driving the car slowly, as to prevent any possible "Lego explosions."

The Verge
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