Dazzling demo fits 'Minecraft' flyby into 256 bytes of data

Minecraft 256k

French web developer Matthieu "p01" Henri has created a Minecraft-like flyby using just 256 bytes (0.25KB) of HTML and JavaScript. As seen on Prosthetic Knowledge, "Minicraft" is a tribute to Minecraft creator Notch's similar JavaScript experiment, which managed to squeeze a lot of detail into just 4KB of data. p01's demo takes that demo and strips it down to its bare elements. It's a masterclass in miniaturization.


Minicraft is just one demo in a series of tiny coding experiments by p01. Previously, he's recreated the feel of John Carmack's classic Wolfenstein 3D in just 0.25KB of code forĀ the "Wolfensteiny" demo, coded a fiery vortex in the 0.25KB Tea Storm, and the Andes mountain range in less than 1KB of JavaScript:

The Verge
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