Samsung at CES 2013: 'unprecedented' designs, 4K TVs, and 'Smart' everything

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Samsung is CES. From its bizarre press conferences to its city-sized booth, the Korean giant always comes to Vegas in force. Samsung's bringing the usual ruckus to CES 2013, announcing a huge spectrum of new products: bigger TVs, higher-res TVs, faster laptops, "Smart" features everywhere you look, and updates to nearly every product the company makes. We're tracking everything the company's up to, so check out below to see the very latest from Samsung at this year's CES.

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Jan 09 2:09p

Samsung shows off flexible OLED phone prototype (hands-on)

Samsung gave us a brief glimpse during its keynote today of its first phone using a flexible display, and now we've just had the opportunity to handle the device for ourselves. The phone, which is a nameless prototype, has a screen that falls off towards the rear edge of the device on the right side. Samsung hasn't quite figured out yet what to do with this extra screen real estate, but for now the phone displays landscape-oriented notifications along the edge. The idea is that you'll be able...

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Jan 08 5:04p

Samsung's 85-inch 4K TV could sell for under $30,000, even bigger models on show at CES

Yesterday, Samsung one-upped producers of 84-inch 4K TVs by a hair, promising the 85-inch "world's largest" ultra high-definition TV by March. On the show floor, we've also been able to see its "floating" design up close and in three sizes: 85, 95, and an enormous 110 inches. All three screens are built into a sort of external easel, within which they can be tilted and adjusted. Besides being a pretty interesting piece of design (Samsung has placed framed pictures beside the 85-inch model to...

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Netflix and Samsung stream 4k video to a mysterious UHD TV

At the back of Samsung's booth, the company has partnered with Neflix to show off 4K streaming on one of its UHD televisons. The video it's playing is on a loop, helpfully displaying difficult-to-stream types of video like fast-motion boxing and water fountains. Samsung tells us that this is a "beta" test, but is being quite coy about other details, including whether it's over the internet or a direct pipe to Netflix's servers. In fact, Samsung isn't even saying what kind of television this...

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Jan 07 5:26p

Samsung USA president Tim Baxter: 'I do not have a 4K TV in my house... yet.'

Samsung just announced a host of new TVs at CES, including an extremely beautiful 4K set with an angular, easel-like stand and a new smartphone-inspired gesture UI for its smart TVs. That's a lot of moves towards the future of TV, and I grabbed a few moments with Samsung USA president Tim Baxter to talk things over. Tim told me that he doesn't have a 4K TV in his house just yet, but that he will soon — and from there we talked about the future of television delivery. Can the internet replace...

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Samsung unveils amazing 85-inch 4K TV with 'floating' design

Back in November, Samsung announced that it'd show off its first 4K TV at CES. Well, the company has followed through on its promise today — the 85-inch UN85S9 is the world's largest Ultra High-Definition TV, and has some pretty unprecedented industrial design. The huge screen is suspended within a metal frame reminiscent of an easel — it can be tilted up and down — and, while we're not sure how many living rooms the colossal contraption will fit into, the floating effect is a sight to...

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Samsung re-announces OLED TV, but still no date or price

We first saw Samsung's attempt at a 55-inch OLED TV at CES 2012, and the company has brought it back to this year's show. The final shipping model will include the same Smart Hub software, a 1.35GHz quad-core A15 processor, and voice control as Samsung's 85-inch 4K TV. Unfortunately, however, we still don't have a release date or pricing information, even though LG will start shipping its own set next month. Samsung initially promised its OLED set for the second half of 2012, so the continued...

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Samsung unveils five new point-and-shoot cameras with Wi-Fi sharing

Samsung may be betting the future on mirrorless cameras, but today's introduction of five new connected point-and-shoot cameras suggests the company isn't quite ready to ditch its old ways. Three new models are coming to the WB series of long-zoom cameras with the WB250F/WB200F (18x optical zoom), the WB800F (21x), and the ultra-slim WB30F (10x). The company's Dual View series gains a new member in the 16.2-megapixel DV150F — which includes a 2.7-inch LCD on the camera's face to assist with...

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Samsung tries to do it all with new Smart TV interface, lets older sets upgrade with Smart Evolution Kit

Smart TVs universally have horrible interfaces, and it seems like Samsung knows that its prior efforts haven't been up to par. The company has shown off its new user interface for 6400 series and up TVs here at CES, and after spending time with it we're glad to report that the old design has been tossed out of the window for one that takes a bit of inspiration from the Xbox 360. Five main screens are central to the design — On TV, Movies & TV Shows, Photos & Video, Social, and Apps — and as...

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Jan 02 9:01p

Samsung's new Series 7 laptops are souped-up Windows 8 ultrabooks

Ahead of CES next week, Samsung has announced two new models at the top of its PC lineup. The new Series 7 Chronos and Series 7 Ultra bring a lot of horsepower to Samsung's lineup — they join the Series 7 Slate and Series 7 Gamer as the company's flagship laptops, with everything now optimized and tuned for Windows 8.

The Series 7 Chronos is aimed at pros and offers up to 1TB of hard drive storage, a powerful Radeon HD 8870 graphics chip with 2GB of memory, a quad-core Intel Core i7...

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