The best TVs of CES 2013

Gallery Photo: LG 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs

CES has long been a breeding ground for new television technology, and this year is certainly no exception. Between 4K TVs, OLED displays, and a slew of web-connected options, there will be no shortage of high-end televisions in Las Vegas this week. Make sure to check in here for all of the big announcements from LG, Samsung, Vizio, and more.

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Jan 10 6:35p

Westinghouse's $300,000, custom-made 110-inch 4K TV isn't for everyone

Westinghouse showed up at CES this year with a bit of a surprise: a 110-inch Ultra High-Definition television. We met up with the company here at the Las Vegas Hotel (don't ask us how they managed to roll the set into a suite) to get a look at this monster of a television for ourselves. After stepping into the room, the TV completely overwhelmed us. However, unlike nearly every other massive TV we've seen out there, the QX110 was not disappointing to look at. While 1080p doesn't suit a...

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LG's prototype Ultra HD 4K display begs to be touched

4K displays are all the rage here at CES 2013, but the vast majority of the ones that we have seen have been traditional TV sets. In addition to all of those high-resolution TVs, LG is showing off something different. The company is demoing an 84-inch 4K Ultra HD display prototype with five-point multitouch interaction. If you ever wanted to own an iPad the size of your living room wall, this would be it.

Jan 08 4:42p

Drawing on TVs with Panasonic's Electronic Touch Pen (hands-on)

A recurring theme we’re hearing this year at CES is the idea of getting the family around the TV instead of isolated on their own devices. One way Panasonic thinks that might happen is with its Electronic Smart Pen — a new product for 2013 that lets you write on the screen of your 2013 Panasonic 1080p plasma.

After you connect your battery-powered pen to your TV with Bluetooth, you can use Panasonic’s Swipe and Share app to flick images off your mobile device and onto your big screen. That...

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A closer look at Sony's ultra high-definition 56-inch 4K OLED TV

Since first seeing it yesterday, we've gotten to spend a little more time with Sony's 4K OLED TV prototype, possibly the best-looking screen you're going to find at CES. The 56-inch TV merges this year's two high-end TV formats with a super high-definition screen and the gorgeous colors of OLED, though while both 4K and OLED TVs are now coming to consumers, this combination is still in an experimental stage. Interestingly, Sony isn't the only one to announce a prototype this year — Panasonic...

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Samsung introduces 'world's first' curved OLED TV

Samsung's just announced what it's calling "the world's first curved OLED TV." A curved screen on your TV may sound like a bit of an oddity, but Samsung boasts that it creates a more panoramic, more immersive viewing experience, and actually improves viewing angles from the side. The 55-inch TV on display at Samsung's booth is due to come out the second half of this year, and has what Samsung reps have called "an IMAX feel." The TV is incredibly sharp and crisp, with fantastic colors....

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Panasonic shows off beautiful 56-inch 4K OLED TV at CES (hands-on)

Panasonic today unveiled a new 56-inch 4K OLED TV during its CES keynote, just a day after Sony announced its own 4K OLED display — and it's at least as beautiful as Sony's new television. We got a chance to see it on the show floor, and the quality is stunning; it's a sharp display with rich colors and deep blacks, as you might expect for an OLED television at such a high resolution. The company announced the display at its State of the Industry keynote address today, delivered by company...

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Jan 07 8:14p

Sony shows off 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototype

Confirming our earlier report, Sony has unveiled a 4K OLED TV at CES 2013. The prototype Ultra High-Definition display is 56 inches in size, and marks Sony's return to active OLED TV development after releasing the first commercially available set back in 2007. The version we saw on the show floor is crisp, vivid, and quite frankly, one of the most beautiful displays we've seen, with nary a pixel in sight. It's just a prototype for now, so we don't expect a price or release date any time...

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Sony expands its 4K TV range with 55- and 65-inch models

Sony has announced two new 4K TVs in its lineup, the Bravia XBR-65X900A and XBR-55X900A. Both models employ edge-lit LEDs while Sony’s X-Reality Pro engine handles 4K upscaling duties. Passive 3D is also onboard, as is screen mirroring from smartphones using Wi-Fi Direct. The company may have shown off its much larger 84-inch X900 at IFA, but the smaller sets are an attempt to hit "a more accessible price range." That will be a welcome sign to anyone interested in 4K TVs, but Sony hasn't...

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Samsung unveils amazing 85-inch 4K TV with 'floating' design

Back in November, Samsung announced that it'd show off its first 4K TV at CES. Well, the company has followed through on its promise today — the 85-inch UN85S9 is the world's largest Ultra High-Definition TV, and has some pretty unprecedented industrial design. The huge screen is suspended within a metal frame reminiscent of an easel — it can be tilted up and down — and, while we're not sure how many living rooms the colossal contraption will fit into, the floating effect is a sight to...

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Samsung re-announces OLED TV, but still no date or price

We first saw Samsung's attempt at a 55-inch OLED TV at CES 2012, and the company has brought it back to this year's show. The final shipping model will include the same Smart Hub software, a 1.35GHz quad-core A15 processor, and voice control as Samsung's 85-inch 4K TV. Unfortunately, however, we still don't have a release date or pricing information, even though LG will start shipping its own set next month. Samsung initially promised its OLED set for the second half of 2012, so the continued...

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LG announces 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs with 1080p-to-4K upscaling

LG has just officially announced additonal 4K TVs — 55- and 65-inch models will join the already-announced 84-inch set. All of the 4K sets will include technology to upscale 1080p content to the 4K resolution. LG breezed right through this announcement, probably because it pre-announced these sets a few days ago, but they didn't give us any details on when these sets will be available or how much they'll cost.


LG's 55-inch OLED TV coming to the US in March for $12,000

After missing original international release estimates, LG has finally announced a US release date for its 55-inch OLED TV: it will be available this March for $12,000. LG began pre-orders of the set in its native Korea last week for 11 million won (roughly $10,000), with the first deliveries expected in February. LG says you'll be able to pre-order a set immediately, but its website doesn't seem to have any pre-order facilities just yet. We actually got a look at a prototype of the Full HD...

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LG's Hecto Laser TV projector coming to US in March

LG has just announced its Hecto Laser TV projector will be released in the US this March. The Hecto can project a 100-inch screen from just 22 inches away. The 1080p laser-based projection system ships with the aforementioned 100-inch display, and comes with three HDMI ports, a built-in TV tuner, optical audio out, and direct access to LG's Smart TV app platform. The entire system can be controlled with LG's Magic Remote, and features a 1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio along with WiDi and...

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Haier's 2013 TVs include Roku Streaming Stick support, Wi-Fi Direct remotes, and Android 4.2

Some television manufacturers are turning towards Google TV to provide a smart experience, but Haier is skipping the customization and simply using Android 4.2. In fact, the company is throwing a lot of tech into its range of new TVs. Haier will be putting a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Prime MPQ8064 into its HXT line, a quad-core processor that’s paired with an Adreno 320 GPU. The manufacturer says that the TVs will run the apps that you can download on Android handsets right now, not to mention...

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Vizio's refreshed HDTV lineup includes its first 4k TV models, sizes range from 55 to 70 inches

As part of its refreshed 2013 HDTV lineup, Vizio has announced that it's joining the 4K market with three new sets. The XVT series of "Ultra HDTV" screens will on display at CES this week and will be available in 55-, 65-, and 70-inch sizes. The sets all feature LED technology, 3D, and a refresh rate of 240Hz, but unfortunately there aren't any details on when these sets will be available or how much they'll cost when they launch. That said, we're imagining Vizio will try and push the price...

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Jan 06 10:45p

Toshiba's 2013 TV lineup is all about size, design, and the cloud

At a small (for CES, anyway) event at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Toshiba has just taken the wraps off its TV lineup for 2013. It's headlined by the L9300 series of 4K TVs, which will be available in 58, 65, and 84 inches. The premium line is 4K, but it's also equipped with Toshiba's new "Cloud TV" platform, which offers everything from Miracast and Wi-Fi, to messaging, to a family calendar right to your TV. Toshiba also has companion apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, which let...

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