Vizio at CES 2013: Tegra 4 tablets, Android smartphones, 4K TVs, and Windows 8 PCs

Vizio smartphones

Inside a converted ballroom at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, Vizio used CES to revamp and re-invent nearly every one of its product lines. From a pair of great-looking smartphones (that you can only buy in China) to a duo of impressive Android tablets that you'll actually be able to buy, Vizio's re-entering markets it had previously left. It also updated its PC lineup to be more friendly with Windows 8, and introduced an entirely new PC besides. Not forgetting its roots, Vizio also has plenty of TVs to show off, with 4K and Google TV and a surprisingly good glasses-free 3D experience in its lineup. CTO Matt McRae told us Vizio wants to "make every screen in your life," and in one fell swoop at CES the company got a lot closer.

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Jan 09 5:59p

4K at CES 2013: the dream gets real

Almost exactly a year ago, upon these parched steppes of Nevada we know as Las Vegas, Vizio told us it was keen to get into the 4K TV market, but the timing wasn't quite right yet. Vizio asked for a year's worth of patience and, atypically for an electronics company, it's back at CES with the delivery of its 4K promise.

Jan 07 8:04a

Vizio's refreshed HDTV lineup includes its first 4k TV models, sizes range from 55 to 70 inches

As part of its refreshed 2013 HDTV lineup, Vizio has announced that it's joining the 4K market with three new sets. The XVT series of "Ultra HDTV" screens will on display at CES this week and will be available in 55-, 65-, and 70-inch sizes. The sets all feature LED technology, 3D, and a refresh rate of 240Hz, but unfortunately there aren't any details on when these sets will be available or how much they'll cost when they launch. That said, we're imagining Vizio will try and push the price...

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Vizio adds touchscreens to its computers, but can it fix the trackpad? (hands-on)

When Vizio first announced its lineup of PCs last Spring, we wondered why touch support was missing. Windows 8 was already a known quantity, and touch was clearly the future — what was Vizio waiting for? With the 2013 models of its laptops, announced today at CES in Las Vegas, Vizio's decided that the time for touch has come. The 14-inch Thin + Light, 15.6-inch Thin + Light, and 24-inch all-in-one were all upgraded today with new internals and a few new features, though the only really...

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Vizio's first Windows 8 tablet: hands-on with the AMD-powered, 1080p slate

Vizio's only been a PC manufacturer for a few months, and it's already diversifying its product lines. Today we got our first look at the new 11.6-inch Tablet with Windows 8 — now the smallest member of Vizio's PC lineup — and it's a bit of an oddity. The most striking feature is its gorgeous 1920 x 1080 display, which looks even sharper than normal on the smaller device — it's a really good screen, but it creates some consequences. Intel's processors simply couldn't power such a dense,...

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Vizio gets back in the phone game with 5-inch 1080p and 4.7-inch 720p handsets... for China

Two years ago, Vizio came to CES and announced the Vizio Phone, a skinned Android phone that quietly died at the hands of American carrier politics. Vizio moved on by designing and building a line of Windows PCs instead — and now that the PC line is humming along, the company is here at CES 2013 with two brand new phones... for the Chinese market.

That's Vizio's first expansion outside of North America, and while Vizio CTO Matt McRae won't come right out and say it's because of American...

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Vizio goes after the Nexus 7 with a Kindle-sized stock Android tablet (hands-on)

Vizio's 10-inch Android tablet might be one of the first Tegra 4 devices to be announced, but the California company also has a 7-inch tablet here at CES that's equally interesting: it's essentially a Nexus 7 in a package the size of a Kindle e-reader. That's a Tegra 3 processor, a 1280 x 800 IPS display, 16GB of storage, a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, and stock Android Jelly Bean. The prototype was fairly quick to flip around the OS, and the display looked slightly better than the...

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Vizio's 10-inch tablet combines Tegra 4, stock Android, and an ultra-light body (hands-on)

Vizio's goal is to "make all the screens in your life," CTO Matt McRae told us — that's part of the reason the company's making a big play back into the tablet market. The larger of the two new Vizio tablets is the "10-inch tablet," but on paper this is much more than your average iPad knockoff. The slate is powered by Nvidia's brand-new Tegra 4 processor, which should be faster and more efficient than any of the company's previous silicon. The 10-inch tablet will also be running Android 4.2...

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Jan 06 10:45a

Vizio's 2013 PC lineup features updated internals, but same flawed industrial design

In addition to its new Windows 8 tablet PC, Vizio is announcing a refresh to its lineup laptops and all-in-one desktops for 2013 that focuses on new internals, but appears to leave the same questionable industrial design intact. As Engadget reports, the new 14- and 15-inch Thin + Light laptops offer either an Intel Core i7 processor or AMD's high-end A10 chip and feature touchscreens for full control over the clean Microsoft Signature Windows 8 installation. The larger 15-inch laptop will...

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Vizio introducing its first Windows 8 tablet with 1080p screen, forgoes Intel for AMD

It looks like Vizio is breaking into the Windows tablet world in a big way with the introduction of its creatively-named Vizio Tablet PC. According to Engadget, this new slate will offer the full Windows 8 experience on an 11.6-inch, 1080p screen and will include AMD internals in the form of a dual-core, 1GHz Z-60 chip. Another nice point is the fact that the new tablet is running a clean install of Windows known as the Microsoft Signature installation — so there shouldn't be any of the...

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