Girls drug parents' milkshakes to get around internet curfew

milkshake (shutterstock)

Sure, the internet is addictive, but how far would you go to use it, really? In Rocklin, California, a 16 year-old girl and her 15 year-old friend decided to get around the house’s 10PM internet curfew by giving the parents milkshakes — laced with ground-up sleeping pills. The couple didn’t down the whole shakes — The Sacramento Bee reports they only got a quarter of the way through — but it was still enough to put them down for the count.

"The girls wanted to use the internet."

After waking up in the middle of the night with hangover-like symptoms, which still hadn’t gone away by morning, the parents decided to run by the police station to pick up a couple of $5 drug-testing kits. When they confirmed they had in fact been dosed, the parents decided to skip the grounding and bring the girls down to the police station. Rocklin police wouldn’t confirm whether or not they were still in custody, but Lieutennant Lon Milka was able to comment on the teens’ motivation to The Bee: "the girls wanted to use the Internet, and they’d go to whatever means they had to."

The Verge
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