Play this: 'Corrypt' is a fiendishly difficult box-pushing game with a twist


Corrypt is an award-winning puzzle game from Michael Brough, the prolific indie dev behind the highly-regarded Vertex Dispenser and Glitch Tank. Released late last year, it's a fresh take on the box-pushing Sokoban genre. Decked out with old-school graphics, Corrypt has you moving boxes in order to collect mushrooms, help out the local residents, and advance through a colorful dungeon.

The twist is that boxes you're trying to move stick to you — whether you're moving away from or towards them — which is occasionally handy, but most of the time incredibly frustrating. The only way to let go of a box is to move sideways, and it's this element that makes the puzzles so difficult. As you progress through the game, additional elements are introduced that keep things fresh and, more importantly, keep you coming back for more. Corrypt is available as a free download for Windows and OS X, or as a $1.99 purchase from the iOS App Store.

The Verge
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