Why the moon landings couldn't have been faked


Did the US government fake going to the moon? No. That's the opinion of writer / director / newly-baptized YouTube celebrity S G Collins. In a video that's garnered over half a million views in less than two months, Collins breaks down that, while the US did have the technology to send three men to the moon in 1969, "they did not have the technology to fake it on video." At over thirteen minutes long, his arguments are exhaustive to say the least, but are delivered in straight English that's simple enough for those of us that aren't video experts to understand. Collins' deadpan delivery also provides enough comedic respite to keep things entertaining, although one joke landed him in deep water.

Toward the end of the clip, Collins quips that it's "the fate of knowing" that puts the sapiens in homo sapiens, adding that "without that, you're just another homo." Although Collins was clearly referring to the genus homo, which sapiens is a part of along with other species, his comments resulted in accusations of homophobia. The director even went so far as to create an apology clip, in which he notes that "in some parts of the world, 'homo' is still considered an anti-gay slur."

The Verge
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