The best gaming of CES 2013

Razer Edge hands-on still

CES has never been much of a video game show — you'll want to go to the Electronic Entertainment Expo for that — but that didn't stop Nvidia, Valve, and Razer from stealing the show with exciting, controversial new game systems. Find all the best gaming announcements from CES 2013 in this StoryStream.

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Jan 09 2:09p

Snakebyte says its Unu Android console is more appealing than Nvidia's 'niche' Project Shield

Peripheral manufacturer Snakebyte is showing off its take on an Android-powered portable console, the Unu. Unlike Nvidia's Project Shield and Archos' GamePad, the Unu doesn't have physical controls mounted onto the device, instead it's going to be a four-piece solution that Snakebyte says will replace your tablet, portable console, and media streamer. For "around $199-$249," you'll get an Android tablet, a Bluetooth gamepad, a TV dock, and a gesture remote.

Included software will let you map...

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The Caliber Advantage is the first real iPhone gaming controller

No matter how many million first person shooters developers crank out for iOS, the platform’s touch-based controls mean the games will never control as well as their console counterparts. Here at CES, mobile accessory maker Zagg is unveiling the best-looking solution to the problem we’ve seen so far — the Caliber Advantage. Its dual analog sticks give gamers the same kind of precision as something like the PlayStation Vita or 3DS. And to get around the lack of content — iOS games don’t...

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Jan 08 6:38p

Valve confirms it's building a Linux-based Steam Box that will act as a local gaming server for all your screens

In an exclusive interview with The Verge, Valve CEO Gabe Newell shed light on the company's hardware plans, confirming that its own "Steam Box" will be based on Linux OS. The Steam Box has mostly been sheathed in rumor over the past year, but we've learned a number of interesting details about the planned device -- perhaps most importantly, the Steam Box won't just be a locked-down PC console designed to be used solely in the living room. "The Steam Box will also be a server," Newell says,...

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Exclusive interview: Valve's Gabe Newell on Steam Box, biometrics, and the future of gaming

By T.C. Sottek and Tom Warren

We just sat down for a rare and wide-ranging interview with Valve CEO Gabe Newell, who opened up to The Verge with details about the company's upcoming "Steam Box" gaming hardware, the future of the Steam digital distribution platform, and even gaming itself. For starters, Valve isn't just attacking the living room; the Steam Box will be designed to work across multiple screens in the home using networking standards like Miracast, ideally allowing users to...

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The Archos GamePad: watch out, Project Shield

Nvidia surprised everyone with the ambitious Project Shield, but Archos already has its own riff off the idea on the market. It’s part tablet and part controller that runs mostly stock Android 4.1 on a 7-inch 1024 x 600 screen. The twist is that GamePad has built in a controller emulator that allows onscreen buttons to the physical controls. We’d like to say it works without any issues, but the various demo units that we tried all seemed to have their own individual problems. Buttons failed...

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Valve's Steam Box gets big push at CES as Gabe Newell meets with major hardware partners

We just stopped by Valve's small booth at CES, and the company has confirmed to The Verge that it is meeting with a number of hardware and software partners to push forward with its plans to release its own console-like PC for the living room. The company isn't showing off much to the press this year, but we managed to take a look at some prototype hardware Valve has sitting out, and it's not all too surprising; right now the Steam Box looks like a small-chassis PC. Valve representative Tom...

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We try Intel's Perceptual Computing, play 'Portal 2' with a wave of the hand and reach into a computer screen

Intel's "perceptual computing" initiative might still be a loose collection of motion control and voice recognition technologies right now, but that doesn't mean they aren't impressive feats: We just tried a few computers equipped with a Kinect-like 3D camera that let us play video games merely by waving a hand, and let us digitally reach right into the screen. It's pretty simple, really: Intel's tracking the motion of your fingers with an accuracy now that can scan each and every joint, then...

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Razer Edge: hands-on with Windows 8's most dockable tablet

Nvidia's not the only company bringing unconventional gaming hardware to CES this year — PC peripheral maker Razer is out in force with its new Windows 8 tablet, dubbed the Razer Edge. Besides running a proper x86 Intel Ivy Bridge processor and the full, non-RT Windows 8 experience, this tablet differs from the legion of other Winslates thanks to Razer's trifecta of accompanying hardware docks. One is a pretty standard docking station, another is a thick and chunky detachable keyboard with...

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Razer's powerful, convertible Edge tablet is all things to all gamers — for a price

Almost exactly a year after we first saw Razer's high-end gaming tablet Project Fiona, its final iteration has come back with a price, release date, and several new form factors. Now called the Razer Edge, it's evolved from a tablet with non-removable side controllers to a standalone 10.1-inch Windows 8 tablet with three separate peripherals: a keyboard, a stand, and a case with complementary game controllers. Razer calls it "the most powerful tablet in the world," and it's almost certainly...

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Jan 07 9:27p

AMD Temash hands-on: basic Windows gaming on a 1080p tablet

AMD has a lot of confusing codenames in the stable, but here's one you might actually want to know: Temash is AMD's next tablet processor, and it looks like it could make for a solid Windows 8 experience even with PC games as part of the bargain. Near the tail-end of AMD's not-so-action-packed press conference, the company revealed that the tiny chip will have double the graphics performance of the current Hondo APU we saw in Vizio's new tablet earlier today, and proved it to us too, letting...

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Nvidia Project Shield hands-on video preview

It didn't take long for the first bombastic announcement of CES 2013, with Nvidia's clamshell Project Shield handheld console stealing the Sunday limelight. This morning I got to grips with this wild new Android portable, gleaning an early idea of the green team's future as a consumer hardware vendor, plus a better idea of the performance of the all-new Tegra 4 system-on-chip. Our first hands-on video, photos and impressions can be found below.

So, what to make of Nvidia's Shield? Well,...

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Nvidia announces Project Shield handheld gaming system with 5-inch multitouch display, available in Q2 of this year

Nvidia has just unveiled a new handheld gaming system called Project Shield. Project Shield is powered by the Tegra 4 processor and can play console-quality games while still providing a mobile experience. The processor is capable of pushing 4K resolution video over HDMI to external displays. It includes advanced sound processing that Nvidia says rivals Beats Audio-equipped laptops, and a 33Wh battery that provides five to ten hours of play time or 24 hours of HD video playback. It features a...

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Jan 06 8:32p

Lenovo's Erazer X700 gaming PC has a big red 'overclock' button

Lenovo is demoing a brand new gaming tower PC here at CES, the Erazer X700. It's aggressively styled to the point where it almost looks like a parody of other companies' towers, with harsh angles and more blue lights than we cared to count. It features what Lenovo is calling "OneKey Overclocking," which automatically overclocks the CPU and GPU for when you need some extra power. It's configurable with a choice of Core i7 Extreme processors, either dual GeForce GTX660 or AMD Radeon HD 8950...

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Mad Catz wants to make its funky gaming style mainstream with new R.A.T.M and M.O.U.S.9 mice (hands-on)

We just got a chance to check out Mad Catz's new mice in its GameSmart line — new Bluetooth 4.0 products that are certified to work with a range of mobile devices, computers, and consoles. The new mice share both the same wacky nomenclature and design as its earlier gaming mice, the R.A.T 7 and R.A.T. 9 — though the company says the newer devices are aimed at mainstream users. Mad Catz has opted to keep the same metal chassis which made the original R.A.T. devices stand-out, but the build...

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon brings touchscreen gaming to a massive 27-inch surface (video hands-on)

Apparently Lenovo liked what it saw from Sony's Tap 20, because here at CES the company is introducing its own "portable" desktop PC. The IdeaCentre Horizon is primarily a Windows 8-enabled all-in-one — Lenovo calls it a "table PC" — with a 27-inch, 1080p 10-finger touchscreen, Intel's Core i7 processors and discrete graphics. But it's also portable, at least in theory, thanks to an internal battery that Lenovo says will power the gigantic device for two hours at a time. The gigantic slate is...

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