Learn how to 'spin' your DSLR around a building that's 1,815 feet tall

CN tower screenshot

It seems like a basic enough concept: moving in a circle, take dozens of photos of a particular building and then stitch them all together in a video. The resulting effect can make it appear as if your camera is literally spinning around the subject, but only if the entire process is done with care. To that end, Candy Glass Productions has produced a video tutorial that reveals the secrets behind this neat photography trick. It all starts with planning; you'll use Google Maps to plot out a circular path around whichever building you'd like to shoot. From there, you'll need to make about 36 stops, snapping a pair of photos at each location. Some Photoshop know-how is necessary to line everything up right, but the visual experience you get from the end result makes all that work worthwhile.

The Verge
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