Why the criticism of a leaked climate change report is premature at best

Russia Elektro-L No.1 Earth image

Whether or not global warming exists is still a hotly contested issue for some, despite the overwhelming scientific support for it. Now, the fifth Assessment Report (AR5) from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is has emerged as the latest epicenter in the debate. A draft of the report, which isn't due until next year but is freely available to reviewers online, has been leaked in its entirety by Alec Rawls, a vocal global warming naysayer who accuses the IPCC of "systematic fraud" and considers the organization's scientists to be "propagandists." Ars Technica takes Rawls to task, questioning his decision to leak the draft based on a single, out of context sentence, and explaining how his reasoning on the entire issue is "very shaky."

The Verge
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