Answer a complete stranger's questions on Twitter with You Asked It

You Asked It

Even if you have a steady group of Twitter followers, posting a question is a cry into the dark, and anyone might answer. You Asked It takes advantage of this, searching for public tweets that contain a question mark (from what we can tell) and giving site visitors a chance to compose a response in 30 seconds or less. Once you've written your reply, it will be sent off through your Twitter account, creating a brief connection with a total stranger who just wants to know whether to buy a pair of ill-advised sweatpants or the true age of your soul.

You Asked It has been compared to ChatRoulette, but it's perhaps more like a surreal, microform version of Yahoo Answers or Formspring. The twist is that you're pushed into saying the first thing that comes to mind — if the timer runs out, you'll get bumped to the next question — and that you'll end up answering everything from vague rhetorical points to requests for pizza. What better way to spend a Thanksgiving?

The Verge
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