4moms Origami is the highest tech stroller yet (hands-on video)


Conversations between newborn parents meeting serendipitously on the city sidewalk tend to splinter along two threads: mothers commiserating over the tribulations of day-to-day care; fathers quietly judging one another's stroller selection. Really, a MacLaren? Yes, that's stereotypical but it's also true more often than not.

The 4moms Origami is a power-folding stroller guaranteed to win those sidewalk battles every time. It features two built-in generators in the rear wheels that recharge its batteries while you walk. Those stored electrons are then used to power a monochrome LCD, running lights, and even a USB jack for charging your portable electronics. A twist and push of the button on the stroller handle causes the buggy to automatically lower itself to the ground into a relatively compact package. Do it again and it'll stand back up ready for baby. Sensors in the seat prevent it from folding while baby's on board and it's light enough that Joanna can hoist it up the stairs of her double-wide while holding her illegitimate Bieberbaby. Origami costs $849 which is actually quite reasonable as far as premium strollers go.

The Verge
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